Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kurama Onsen! Couldn't take photos from the Spring it self but the view was Magnificent!
Up the Steps to Kurama Onsen
Had to take a mini bus up the mountains to get to the Onsen, but got to see the Traditional looking houses on the way up.
If this is someone's residence, I think it's a little over sized!
Getting some fresh air ;]
Next stop, Kiyomizu Temple. Took us awhile to get up yet another mountain, but wait till you see the view!
Some tourist dressed up in Kimonos. Not sure if you would call it the same thing for guys? Mmm
Kiyomizu Temple! 
Exploring the streets below the temple. This is probably my favorite stretch of houses along the streets.
Same stretch from below
Final Day - Kyoto
It's our final day in Kyoto and also by far  my Favorite one! We started off the day with a visit to the Kurama Onsen about an hours travel from Kyoto station, and took a bus up the mountain with roads wide enough to fit half a car to finally get to the Onsen.

The view was breathtaking and I wished I had the tolerance to stay in the hot spring for more than 40 minutes (didn't do too well with the heat). After getting out, I realized that the showers were outdoors (Separate from the girls of course) and we had to use little buckets to shower ourselves with. Not sure if that was the most pleasant experience but definitely an interesting one!

Next stop was Kiyomizu Temple. I was really impressed the whole way through from the walk up the streets filled with traditional houses to the temple itself. This is a must visit place if you happen to be in Kyoto!

Osaka Pictures next :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

 Day 3 Kyoto
It's day 3 and we visited Nara! This was probably my favorite part of Kyoto, with Deers roaming the streets and Nara Park as you can see above.

As you roam the park, you can purchase wafer stacks for about a $1.50, and once you hold one of these, you will have Deers stalking you down for a bite. And to our surprise, the Deers were able to bow their heads as a way of asking for some wafers. Made my Day.

Above you will also see the Todaiji Temple with horns at the top which seems to represent the Deers? We were being stingy and took photos from the side rather than paying 5 bucks to visit the inside of the temple.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 2 Kyoto

Day 2 in Kyoto, Japan, and we decided to visit the Kinkakuji Temple or otherwise known as the Golden Pavilion. The top two levels of the temple is apparently coated with Pure Gold, and coupled with the beautiful landscapes surrounding it, makes it a popular attraction for tourists from all over the world, and a must see if you visited Kyoto!

Night came and we had dinner at the Ninja Kyoto Restaurant and labyrinth. Once again, if you are visiting Kyoto, this is definitely an interesting place to dine in (if you are into weird things). Once you enter, a ninja takes you through some secret passage, and you end up dining within one of the "Ninja Caves". Dinner is then accompanied by Magic shows from the "Master Ninja" involving sponges and bunnies.

Once dinner is over, you have the option of watching the Ninja Show/Performance which starts off relatively normal with Ninjas running around. Things then get really weird with Ninjas holding light sabers, fighting what looks like Evil Emperor Zurg from Toy Story 1. And if that wasn't weird enough, after fighting Emperor Zurg, the half naked Jedi Ninja then fights Giant Spider with torch-light eyes. VERY WEIRD INDEED.

Stay tune for day 3! 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Entrance to the Fushimi Inari Shine

Not too sure what these are for but I saw a guy drinking from it which I really don't think that's what the water is for. 

 The Famous passage way with words I can't read

 A passage up to the Mountains (didn't quite make it though)

Day 1 Kyoto
Day 1 of our visit to Kyoto, Japan, and we visited the Fushimi Inari Shrine! Have to admit that it looked better than I expected, but it was such a struggle to get a clean shot of the passage ways since it was so crowded when we visited. A great way to start off our 9 days in Japan. Will be uploading more pictures real soon so come back and visit!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Alyssa's 23rd
Celebrated part of Alyssa's birthday with a simple dinner at The Partisan's at East Perth. Had to say I was very satisfied with my Roast Pork and Alyssa definitely enjoyed her pasta! I'm sure I've mentioned enough nice things about my lovely girlfriend throughout my blog so I'll keep this post simple and let everyone check out the food!

We also just got back from Japan! So watch out for more posts coming real soon with lotsss of landscapes of Japan.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Candle Light Dinner
Nothing beats having a candle light dinner with that special someone. A shot taken a little while back while having dinner with Alyssa. Really liked how the Bokeh was getting soften through the wine glasses and decided to use that as the background for the candle shot. Honestly didn't know where the rainbow colors from the foreground came from but I guess it's adding some interest to the pitch black foreground.

Besides photo talk did I mention it's great having candle light dinners with your special someone? Might have accidentally spent a little too much time taking photos during the dinner through :/